Services overview

Executive coaching

Tailored for individuals, Elaine’s coaching and mentoring enables executives and aspiring leaders to establish goals, push themselves beyond perceived limitations and excel in their careers through professional and personal development. 

Executive coaching includes:

  • Initial chemistry meeting 
  • Written programme development outlining coaching outcomes
  • Regular in-person or phone-based one-to-one mentoring sessions
  • Identification of personal purpose 
  • Ad hoc support for key meetings, conversations and papers/presentations
  • 360 feedback exercise with selected stakeholders
  • Use of psychometrics where appropriate
  • Preparation for future roles and pre-empting potential derailment
  • Review of success and onward planning, including three-way meetings with line manager/HR 

Leadership development programme

Working with a group of senior leaders in the business, Elaine’s leadership programmes draw out the qualities needed to inspire their teams, earn trust, establish better working relationships and transform results.

Leadership development includes:

  • Co-creation of programme based on organisational and individual need
  • Development of workshops to meet the needs of the group (for instance: emotional intelligence, inspirational leadership, building trust)
  • Expert trainers sourced and matched to group’s requirements
  • Creation of programme workbook with exercises to help define goals and sustain the programme’s impact 
  • Consultancy on and evaluation of necessary change in wider organisation to foster effective leadership
  • Support with embedding these changes in the workplace 

Team development programmes 

The way a team works together can be a critical factor in whether or not a business has a solid foundation for commercial success. Through this bespoke programme, Elaine fosters better working relationships within a team, establishing an environment for honest, open dialogues, alignment of purpose, goals and strategy. 

Team development includes:

  • Initial diagnosis of team needs, purpose and priorities
  • One-to-one interviews with team members to establish priorities
  • Bespoke recommendations for building better performance
  • Use of psychometric tools where appropriate
  • Development and hosting of bespoke team coaching sessions, workshops and offsites
  • Post-programme interviews and formal analysis of progress, using acquired insights to replay and assess

Cultural change management

In today’s fast changing business landscape, it is easy for companies to lose sight of their sense of identity and purpose. Elaine’s in-depth evaluation and recommendations help organisations to survive and thrive in times of cultural change, establishing or preserving the core business purpose and values to the wider benefit of employees and customers.

Cultural change consultancy includes:

  • Focus groups with employees and leadership 
  • Consultancy with company leadership and HR function
  • Strategic analysis of organisation’s plans and their impact on working culture
  • Thorough diagnosis of business to define or refine core purpose and values
  • Establishment of key goals for the organisation
  • Recommendations on how to make changes to improve culture and commercial success
  • Creation of materials and presentations to support the organisation’s vision and disperse it throughout the organisation

Systemic coaching

Systemic coaching brings a framework and approach for exploring, clarifying and resolving different types of leadership, team and organisational issues. A qualified Practitioner in Systemic Coaching and Facilitation, Elaine weaves these techniques and ideas throughout all her services for individuals, teams and organisations. It can be useful in a broad range of situations, including:

  • Problem solving: Identifying the roots of challenging company-wide issues
  • Delivering results: When team members need to align more effectively to achieve a purpose or goal
  • Performance breakthroughs: When team members feel stuck, ambivalent or unsure of their place
  • Career development: When you are in a challenging role, transitioning to a new role or level or are having difficulty finding your place in an organisation
  • Family-run businesses: Where a family business has grown over time and is looking to expand and/or integrate new team members

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