About Elaine

“The best part of my work is seeing someone go beyond their own perceived limitations by conquering a new challenge or achieving a new goal. Those Eureka moments are so rewarding, not just for the individual but also for the company, which will get much more from teams and individuals when they are working towards their true purpose, with integrity, enthusiasm and confidence.”

— Elaine

Elaine’s background

Elaine Grix is a professional leadership and development specialist with 25 years of experience in HR and talent management. 

Before starting her own consultancy, Elaine held several senior roles in large-scale commercial businesses. This included her positions as Head of HR and Head of Talent and Development for Heathrow and People Lead for the new Terminal 2, where she managed leadership and team programmes for over 500 employees. She was also a Store Manager for Tesco, accountable for a team of 500 in a Superstore to ensure profit and excellence in operations and customer service. These previous internal roles inform her understanding of the link between commercial success and talent development.

She now works with globally recognised brands and international corporations such as Barclays, Dr Martens, PepsiCo and Heathrow Airport, improving their employee engagement, supporting cultural transformation and designing and delivering development programmes. 

Elaine's qualifications include Practitioner in Systemic Coaching and Facilitation, Senior Practitioner Coach-Mentor (APEL) EMCC accredited and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. As well as being trained in a range of development tools, Elaine is also a fully qualified yoga teacher. This knowledge and expertise helps her to advise clients on the more internal and personal aspects of talent development such as mindfulness, well-being and emotional intelligence. 

In all elements of her work, Elaine aims to help individuals, team and organisations maximise their true potential and improve commercial performance.