Executive coaching: 

Tailored for individuals, Elaine’s coaching and mentoring enables executives and aspiring leaders to establish purpose, goals and ambitions, push themselves beyond perceived limitations and excel in their careers through professional and personal development. 

Executive coaching includes:

  • Initial chemistry meeting 
  • Written programme development
  • Outlining coaching outcomes
  • Regular in-person or phone-based one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Identification of personal purpose 
  • Ad hoc support for key meetings, conversations and presentations
  • 360 feedback with selected stakeholders and detailed reports of results
  • Use of psychometrics where appropriate
  • Preparation for future roles and pre-empting potential derailment
  • Review of success and onward planning, including three-way meetings with line manager and HR 

Executive coaching testimonials: 

Elaine coached me through a particularly challenging period in my career. She helped me recognise behaviours that were limiting my effectiveness and set me on a journey of discovery that has not only enhanced my professional performance but literally changed my life. I will always be very grateful.
— Liz Neighbour, Head of Talent & Organisation Development, Balfour Beatty
I have worked with a number of professional coaches during my career and can genuinely say that Elaine is the most effective I have had the pleasure to work with. She has a level of piercing insight that one very rarely comes across in their career with an ability to ask highly intuitive and insightful questions that makes time with her highly valuable and effective for the coachee.
— Derek Provan Airside Director Heathrow Airport Ltd.
Elaine has been my coach since 2007 and has worked with me on numerous aspects of my professional and personal life. She manages to balance genuine care with strength and expertise and so is able to guide, challenge and above all offer insights that have enabled me to significantly deepen my understanding of myself and what I need to do to enhance particular circumstances. Ever the professional, Elaine is honest, open and always fulfills her commitments. She therefore creates a trusting relationship within which I have always felt comfortable to explore beyond my comfort zone to enable growth.
— Vanessa Loughlin, Global Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent, Barclays
I’ve worked with Elaine as my coach on and off for a number of years, and would rate her very highly. Elaine has a natural gift for coaching conversations, and has used a range of approaches, techniques and styles with me over time, each tailored to fit the circumstances: she can show incredible empathy when you need support, but equally dial up the level of challenge, enabling me to continually find my new ‘edge’! I have no doubt that my current success level and organisational impact is due in no small part to Elaine’s support in this capacity.
— Pauline Hart, Head of Learning and Development Heathrow Airport