Cultural change management: 

Elaine’s in-depth evaluation and recommendations help organisations to survive and thrive in times of cultural change, establishing or preserving the core business purpose and values to the wider benefit of employees and customers.

Cultural change consultancy includes:

  • Focus groups with employees and leadership 
  • Consultancy with company leadership and HR function
  • Strategic analysis of organisation’s plans and their impact on working culture
  • Thorough diagnosis of business to define or refine core purpose and values
  • Establishment of key people goals for the organisation
  • Recommendations on how to make changes to improve culture and commercial success
  • Creation of materials and presentations to support the organisation’s vision and disperse it throughout the organisation
  • Consultancy with company leadership and the business's HR function to build sustainable people plans

Cultural change testimonials:

I have had the pleasure to work with Elaine in large development programmes and her straightforward, incisive style is one that is appreciated by all of those under her facilitation.
— Derek Provan Airside Director Heathrow Airport Ltd.
I have great pleasure in highly recommending Elaine to any individual, team or organisation. Elaine will work with you collaboratively to understand the root cause of any problems you are trying to solve and will come up with a joint plan to help you implement long term positive change.
— Joan Buszewska, Operations Director, RedBox